An Open Sore on your Foot that Won’t Heal Can Be a Sign of a Serious Condition

If you have an open sore on your foot that isn’t healing, you should seek medical attention immediately for diagnosis and treatment.  Sometimes people will ignore an open sore and think that it will heal on its own but an open sore, especially if it’s been on your foot for a long period of time, can be an indication that you have diabetes, poor circulation in your arteries possibly due to peripheral artery disease, or infection. In addition, some people who have diabetes suffer from a condition called neuropathy, damage to the nerves in the peripheral nervous system which can cause numbness in your feet.  If you experience numbness in your feet, you probably wouldn’t even feel an open sore. For these patients, it is always a good idea to check your feet on a daily basis to ensure that your feet are in good condition free of any sores.

Open sores that won’t heal can potentially be a very serious condition that could even lead to amputation of a lower limb if it is not caught and treated in time. In advanced cases of peripheral artery disease, the blockages in your leg vessels may become so severe that almost no blood can make it to your feet and the tissue becomes starved of oxygen causing a sore that doesn’t heal.  This condition is known as critical limb ischemia or CLI. CLI is a serious, complex disease that requires a multidisciplinary approach.  At South Florida Vascular Associates, our board certified endovascular surgeons, Dr. William Julien, Dr. Warren Swee, and Dr. Curtis Anderson work closely with your primary care physician, wound care physician, and other specialty physicians to provide the best comprehensive care needed to treat CLI effectively and prevent major amputation.

If you have open sores on your feet that won’t heel, contact our office today at 954-725-4141 to set up a consultation for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment plan. We have 3 office locations for your convenience, Coconut Creek, Boynton Beach and Plantation, Florida.

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