Dr. Julien Honored as a Top Physician in South Florida

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Dr. William Julien is a board certified interventional radiologist with a full time endovascular practice. Dr. Julien places a strong emphasis on the importance of patient education offering his patients clear explanations on the details of a diagnosis, treatment plans, alternative treatment, and precisely what each patient should expect to experience. His practice is unique in that, unlike most interventional radiologists, Dr. Julien sees his own patients and treats many of them right in his office in a sophisticated endovascular surgery suite – one of the first of its kind in the country. His practice has been highlighted as a model for the next generation of Interventional Radiology Practices.

Currently, Dr. Julien is the President of South Florida Vascular Associates. He is also on staff at Northwest Medical Center. Some of Dr. Julien's past and present achievements are that he has been Director of Interventional Radiology at Florida United Radiology, as well as Chief of Interventional Radiology at a 3 hospital system here in South Florida. Dr. Julien has been principal investigator for several device trials for medical break-through procedures including carotid artery stenting. Because his skills are so specialized, Dr. Julien has frequently been asked to speak at national endovascular meetings and has also had the privilege of training many physicians on cutting-edge minimally invasive procedures. Dr. Julien is on the advisory boards of Boston Scientific and Medcomp.

He is a fellow of the Society of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology as well as Council for Cardiovascular Radiology at the American Heart Association.

Dr. Julien was one of the original researchers of Carotid Artery Stenting and was the first South Florida physician to implant the newly approved filter device upon its post-market approval.

Recently, Dr. Julien became the first doctor in South Florida to use a new FDA approved vessel closure system, StarClose™ This device closes the artery securely in a matter of seconds following diagnostic catheterization procedures such as those used to diagnose coronary artery disease. StarClose™ has the potential to change the current standard of vessel closure, which is manual compression. It is in the patient's and physician's best interest to close the femoral artery as securely, quickly and cleanly as possible to reduce complications, as well as allow patients to get up and walk around sooner.

Dr. Julien has also recently become one of the first doctors to implant a new wireless device during an endograft procedure for tracking aneurysm pressure called EndoSure™. This is the first time doctors can implant something in a patient that can send information without the use of batteries or a power source.
Because it is inside the body, the sensor gives doctors information they have never had before.

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