SFVA Now Performs Minimally Invasive Balloon Kyphoplasty...

SFVA Now Performs Minimally Invasive Balloon Kyphoplasty to Repair Spinal Fractures in Our Unique, In-office State-of-the-Art Operating Suite

If you have osteoporosis or have a history of metastatic cancer in the bones and you suddenly develop back pain or your back pain worsens, you could be experiencing a spinal fracture and should seek medical attention immediately. Very often spinal fractures go diagnosed and untreated because patients are not aware of the symptoms. Some spinal fractures can be very painful, yet others are often mild so you might not be aware that you have one.

Once you’ve had a medical consultation, diagnostic studies such as x-ray or MRI are done to determine whether your bones are weakening, osteoporosis, or if there is a tumor present in the vertebra and a fracture is seen. A minimally invasive treatment called Kyphon Balloon Kyphoplasty can be performed to repair the fracture by using small balloons to gently elevate the fractured vertebra, returning it back to its normal position, relieving your pain.

Until recently, Balloon Kyphoplasty was mostly performed in a hospital setting however, our board certified, interventional radiologists Dr. William Julien and Dr. Curtis Anderson now perform the procedure in our state-of-the art, in-office operating suite where they have the latest medical equipment available for optimal results. During the procedure the doctors use X-ray guidance to insert a small metal rod through a tiny opening in the skin and into the affected vertebra. Next, a small balloon is inserted through the tube and into the bone, where it is inflated to create a cavity and restore the height of the vertebra. The balloon is then removed and medical-grade bone cement is injected into the cavity in the bone to stabilize and strengthen it. Patients benefit by a shorter surgical and recovery time and return home the same day. Long-term pain relief occurs almost immediately, within hours of the procedure as well as improvement of mobility and a better quality of life.

The video below is an animation of a Kyphon Balloon Kyphoplasty

procedure provided to us by Medtronic

If you have a spinal fracture as a result of osteoporosis or a metastatic bone tumor and you think you might be a candidate for Balloon Kyphoplasty speak to one of our interventional radiologists at South Florida Vascular Associates today.

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