SFVA Offers Outpatient, Minimally Invasive, Chemoembolization for Malignant Tumors of the Liver

Cancer of the liver is on the rise in the U.S. and is becoming more common due to such factors as Hepatitis C and another condition called non-alcohol fatty liver disease.  Physicians at South Florida Vascular Associates now offer a minimally invasive treatment, chemoembolization, used for malignant tumors of the liver, performed by a specialty-trained, interventional oncologist in our outpatient surgical suite, under conscious sedation.

Chemoembolization delivers large, highly concentrated doses of cancer drugs directly to liver tumors while minimizing exposure to healthy tissues, without most of the negative side effects of traditional intravenous chemotherapy.

During this procedure our interventional oncologist uses image guided technology to place a small catheter from the blood vessel in your groin into the artery that supplies blood to the liver. Anti-cancer drugs are then delivered through the catheter directly into the tumor causing the tumor to slow or stop growing and in some cases, can even result in significant shrinkage of the tumor. This method of delivering large doses of chemotherapy directly to the liver tumor has shown positive results in patients who are not candidates for standard therapy.

The treatment is most beneficial to patients whose disease is predominantly limited to the liver, whether the tumor began in the liver or has spread to the liver from another organ.

If you have liver cancer, think that you might be a candidate for chemoembolization and would like additional information, please call our office today to set up a consultation. Call 954-725-4141.

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